About us

We supply: Complete DVSA ATF’s, Roller Brake Testers, Headlamp Beam Testers, Smoke Analysis Equipment, Authorized Test Lane Facilities, MOT equipment, Garage Brake Tester, Bus Brake Tester, Commercial Brake Tester, Truck Brake Tester, Pit Jack, Beam Tester, Headlight Testers.

VL Test Systems Ltd (VLT) is a leading Supplier of High Quality Commercial Vehicle testing Equipment with a wealth of Experience in the Commercial Brake Tester market.
Van Leeuwen Test Systems was established in the Netherlands in 1958 and has now been specialising in the supply of High Quality Vehicle testing equipment for nearly 60 years.

The UK operation established in 1989 was initially set up to complete the installation of Commercial Roller Brake Testers into the DVSA testing sites and a number of those early machines are still performing strongly today, a measure of the Quality and reliability the VLT brand Represents. As well as the long standing relationship that VLT has with DVSA, a number of key customers also include Arriva, Scania, Volvo & Stagecoach. We also work with the Ministry of Defence, servicing Brake Testers which we have installed throughout the UK bases, as well as in overseas locations such as Afghan, Canada, Gibraltar and the Falklands.